How to choose the right device?

The room’s type and existing ventilation system dictate the type of suitable supply air unit. The Mobair range offers different supply air units for rooms of different sizes and ventilation systems: homes, lodging quarters, offices and small business premises. We offer ventilation professionals supply air units and ducting tools for improving air conditions in e.g. GSM base stations.

Supply air valves for homes and lodging quarters

It is extremely important to your health to have fresh indoor air. With Mobair supply air valves, you can solve each room’s individual air conditioning needs quickly and in a cost-efficient manner. Especially bedrooms of older houses tend to have indoor air problems, and the quality of sleep can thus be compromised during night-time.

Mobair 2030s supply air valve

Mobair 2030s is a completely new concept for bringing in the supply air into the room. The valve has a 1.0 W fan which makes the power consumption very low.

Mobair 2010 supply air valve

For buildings with natural ventilation. Uses a heater to warm up the incoming air when needed.

For public spaces and smaller business premises

Agencies and business areas usually require a larger air ventilation system than homes. There are more people and the need for fresh replacement air and oxygen is bigger than for homes. In addition, one has to take the view that too low or high temperatures affect working efficiency. Machines such as computers and copiers also require more efficient air conditioning.

Mobair 2080 supply air unit

Our biggest supply air unit in efficiency and size for larger spaces. An excellent choice for offices, daycare centres, small business premises and schools. Suitable for buildings with natural and mechanical ventilation. Works also as an indoor air cleaner!

Heat transfer

The Mobair product range also includes a heat transfer unit, which allows the heat of the fireplace and the air conditioner to be transferred to all rooms. The heat transfer unit also transfers the cooling of the air conditioner to the bedroom, for example.

Mobair 4100 heat transfer unit

Distributes warm and cool air, improves air quality and saves energy.

Supply air devices for professional use

Mobair also offers models for channel installations by professionals and, for example, the EFU-200 air supply unit to improve the ventilation of technical premises like GSM base stations.

Mobair EFU-200 supply air unit

Supply air unit for technical spaces. Air flow 280 dm³/s. Power requirement only 0.16 kW.

Mobair 48 V DC cooling fan -photo

Mobair 48 V DC cooling fan

Ideally suited for cooling technical facilities such as GSM base stations.