What is a supply air unit and how does it differ from an air-source heat pump?

An air-source heat pump circles indoor air without improving its oxygen levels but only its temperature. A supply air unit on the other hand improves not only temperature but also oxygen levels by bringing in cleaned, healthy and fresh outside air.

Will using a supply air unit harm our air-source heat pump?

No. It is very usual to use both of these devices at the same time. A supply air unit can only improve air quality.

Will a supply air unit interfere with our apartment building’s existing ventilation?

No. Supply air units do not interfere with any existing ventilation system. However, it is required in apartment building as well as other buildings that supply air units must not cause positive air pressure indoors. This is why all Mobair devices have been designed to prevent this from happening, and the authorities have approved all Mobair solutions.

In which room do I install the Mobair supply air unit?

You must install a suitable supply air unit in the room, which ventilation needs to be improved. You can install a supply air unit in every room, or just to the ones that have ventilation problems. For example, in homes bedrooms are the most important rooms to have good air quality to facilitate good sleep and well-being.

How much does a supply air unit cost?

Supply air units are inexpensive solutions for ventilation improvement compared to traditional solutions. Contact your nearest dealer to find a supply air unit to suit your needs (the type of building, room and ventilation problem) and a detailed price assessment.

Our premium reseller in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark is Scanoffice with its authorized dealers.



Is the supply air unit noisy?

All Mobair devices are really silent. This makes them ideal solutions for bedrooms; since sleep will not be disturbed by noises and fresh air will further facilitate good sleep. Acoustical noise is less than 27 dBA with the Mobair 2010 and 2030s supply air valves. In addition, you can get an outdoor louver to further silence outside noises in urban areas. The entire supply air unit is so silent that e.g. radiators may make more noise than the device.

How much electricity does it use?

The Mobair 2030s supply air valve is very energy-efficient and uses only approximately 1.0 W. The Mobair 2010 supply air valve uses approximately 200 W. However, electricity used by the supply air units is compensated by smaller heating costs as already heated incoming air lessens the workload of radiators.

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